What Camera Do Kid Youtubers Use

What Camera Do Kid Youtubers Use?

A camera is one of the essentials every Youtuber must own because it’s closely linked to video quality. You can use any editing software in post-processing, but if the camera isn’t capable of taking sharp footage, it will be easy to identify. Due to its high importance, don’t overlook the role of a camera in content creation. 

What camera do kid YouTubers use?

There are countless models out there with their unique functionalities and specs. But for kids, there are things that need consideration, such as ease of use and weight. Of course, other factors like video resolution, image stabilization, and low-light performance remain critical. Just take the time to assess your kid’s needs before buying a camera for them.

What camera do kid Youtubers use?

1. Canon PowerShot ELPH 180

A compact camera like this allows for easy carrying. Your kid can hold it for a long time before fatigue kicks in. The list of features is also tempting. To start with, it supports 8X optical zoom backed by potent OIS, which helps produce excellent pictures. It can also deliver premium image quality thanks to the 20 MP CCD sensor that works in collaboration with the DIGIC 4 Plus engine. Speaking of the recording quality, this device is capable of shooting 720p videos. Another advanced feature is smart auto. It picks the most beneficial settings for the user on the basis of predetermined circumstances. Recording feels like fun because it has internal digital stabilization to minimize hand shake. Furthermore, the freedom that the 28–224mm range has to offer is remarkable. You can use its wide-angle lens to squeeze a broader view into the frame. This special lens takes images to the next level in terms of depth. It’s an ideal choice for landscape photography or freezing moments in time with your extended family. While it consistently takes attractive pictures, the recording performance is up to snuff. The 720p HD resolution might not be the highest, but it still records clear videos. It packs in a dedicated button for recording on the double. Overall, the video quality is amazing throughout, with rich color reproduction and lots of vibrancy.

2. Fujifilm FinePix XP130

The brand can speak volumes about this product’s quality, but Fujifilm’s camera range is extensive, so it’s better to judge quality by a product’s unique attributes since they vary from one to another. This one packs a 16M BSI-CMOS sensor, which provides exceptional image quality and delivers full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) videos. It performs fantastically in bright settings but doesn’t fall short when the lighting isn’t enough to pick up details. The underwater performance is also spiffing, although it has to deal with humidity and moisture. Meanwhile, the CMOS-Shift OIS helps dampen accidental vibrations due to camera shake. It keeps motion smooth and produces footage free of blur. How deep can it go underwater while remaining functional? The maximum depth it can handle is about 20m. Unless you plan to dive that deep, it will endure the pressure because it’s built to withstand challenging situations below the water surface. Not only that, this camera can also resist dust and shocks. This camera supports Bluetooth connectivity for data transfer. With this, you can copy pictures from its internal storage to another Bluetooth-enabled device quickly. The Geo Tagging further validates this product’s value. The previous features were already mesmerizing, and this would be the cherry on top. Users can choose to stamp geographical information on images with this feature. It has more to offer, like a 5X optical zoom to bring the action closer. What’s more, intelligent digital zoom is also incorporated into the system, which boosts the magnification to 10X so that you can see it on its 3-inch LCD display.

3. Nikon COOLPIX W150 Blue

Your kid needs a digicam that’s easy to operate. This point-and-shoot camera checks all the right boxes. It’s shockproof, submersible up to 10 meters deep, and can withstand cold weather reaching minus degrees Celsius. It features face framing mode, which detects the user’s face and triggers the shutter function. It snaps up to four photos at a time. For recording videos, this also makes an outstanding choice. It shoots in full HD quality or 1080p at 30 frames per second. And then, it picks up stereo sound, which means it can be heard on two different channels. Ease of use is one of this product’s strong points. Settings have been optimized right off the bat with an LCD display that has an anti-reflective coating to ease glare and improve visibility. The rugged design is the secret to its toughness and endurance. You can give this camera to your kid without fearing it will break prematurely. Taking a peek into the system, this camera is powered by a 1/3.1-inch 13.2 MP sensor. This is a decent specification, which makes sense given its target users. It has rudimentary controls, rather clunky in a way. Kids will appreciate them because they make operations a lot easier. Zooming in on the object with its 3X optical zoom will leave you wanting more as a pro user, but for a novice, that’s up to par to close in on the action. Image quality is generally strong, with an extra punch in color rendering.

4. OLYMPUS Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera

This is another durable camera that has water-resistant properties. It can submerge underwater up to a depth of 15m. It’s also able to withstand shocks and dust. Other than that, this camera is claimed to be crush-proof, able to survive 100kg of pressure. All these make it a resilient piece of tech, not to mention that it can operate when temperatures drop to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. The list of specs this camera has is promising. It features a f2.0 lens with a high zoom ratio of 8X. It also utilizes a variable macro system with a range of shooting modes. Users can adjust between the 4 modes swiftly. Magnification occurs at a distance of approximately 1 cm from the back of the camera lens. When it comes to recording capabilities, this camera demonstrates superior performance. The video recording reaches 4K at 120fps. All things factored in, this model just carries on the tradition of the brand’s waterproof camera range. It does fit into this category with all its phenomenal specs. The construction is made to last, and it has dual-pane protection to keep it fog-free during use. On another hand, the performance is exemplary on account of its 12MP backlit 1/2.3-inch sensor. It can thrive in environments with poor illumination. But when the lighting is great, it will unleash its sheer potential, firing up bursts of sharp shots. The microscope functions only alienate it from the competition in a good way because this is one of the camera’s core strengths.

5. AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera

Resolution is a significant factor to consider when buying a camera because it dictates the amount of detail a video can display. This top-grade action cam can be your child’s companion to capture unforgettable moments outdoors. It delivers 4K Ultra HD recordings with a frame rate of 30fps. Alternatively, you can lower the resolution to 2.7K, but it still maintains the same frame rate. The good news is that the great video quality doesn’t devour still image performance. It keeps up in this department with its 16M resolution, which is like 4 times as high as other HD cameras. The unit can be controlled from a distance using a remote control. Just fit it on your wrist and control the action through the 2.4GHz band it uses for transmission. The battery life is another noteworthy point. This action camera has not only one but two rechargeable batteries. Each one has a 1050mAh capacity, giving around 90 min of recording time. The chance of running out of power is low since you always have a backup. As for connectivity options, this device supports HDMI and Wi-Fi. To use it wirelessly, please download the app called AKASO GO. After that, launch it to initiate pairing with the camera. The maximum control distance is 10 meters. You can also take it as deep as 100m underwater because it’s built for this type of filming. The waterproof housing helps protect it against external factors that could potentially ruin its internal components. Lastly, the unit offers a number of shooting options like loop recording, time lapse, and burst.

6. OIEXI Store 4k Video Camera Camcorder

The advertisement specifically states that this camcorder is suitable for Youtubers. If your son or daughter is about to launch their own channel on the platform, you can consider it a gift or a small gesture to welcome them into the world of vlogging. Price-wise, it’s competitive. There are many products out there that cost much more, but for the price point, the 4K (2880 x 2160 pixels) video resolution, 16X digital zoom, and 48MP image resolution justify that. It’s also claimed to render realistic videos through the utility of its 13MP pixel sensor. Video footage looks sharp, and colors don’t appear oversaturated. In fact, it’s able to accurately reproduce colors even when there isn’t much light reflected off the objects’ surfaces. This camera also has its own mic attached to its mounting point. This hot shoe interface makes it possible to use the cam with other compatible accessories. The microphone’s coverage is good, and so is the sound clarity. Another highlight worth shouting about is the swivel screen, which rotates up to 270 degrees around its hinge. There are a few more notable features, such as an anti-shake system, an auxiliary light for shooting under inadequate lighting, and face capture.

7. MAGNETOS PIX8 Digital Camera with Internal Storage

The design of this digicam reflects the average kid’s preference. It’s cute, compact, and has an adorable color theme. It provides 512MB of internal storage. If that wasn’t enough, a free 16GB SD card comes bundled with each purchase. It’s developed with software that would be easy for young children to learn. Not only that, it also adds an auto turn off function to the specs, which helps conserve power for longer usage time. The listing labels this product as a toy camera, but if the price is anything to go by, it would exceed your expectations. At a glance, the build quality looks a cut above other plastic cameras. It’s pretty solid on the outside, with ABS making up most of its exterior. In terms of safety, the manufacturer follows stringent guidelines from FCC, ASTM, and EN71. This should give you reassurance that it puts safety above all else. Right in the box you’ll find a single camera unit, a 16GB SD card, 2 lanyards, and a USB cable to power the device. By the way, this model has dual cameras; the front one with a 1600 x 1200 resolution and the rear one with a 640 x 480 resolution. There’s also a TFT LCD measuring 2.4 inches corner to corner.

8. VETEK 4K Digital Camera with a Flip Screen

This portable camera is moderate in size, so it can easily tuck into your backpack or another small bag. For vlogging on YouTube, this is an exceptional choice. First of all, it’s not expensive, priced at north of $110. By paying that sum, you already get a camera capable of recording 4K videos and snapping 48MP shots. It also offers up to a 16X digital zoom to focus in on fine details. And then, users can navigate through the stack of other features, such as continuous shooting, self-timer, and loop recording. Additionally, the chip has been massively improved, which results in true-to-life footage. For those wondering how high a 4K resolution is, it’s double the width and height of 1080p and equals 4 times the pixel count. Each purchase includes a 52mm wide-angle lens, which can be taken off the camera body when needed. This special lens provides a more expansive view. So, if you want to fit more in the frame, it will assist you with that. Along with it, there’s a macro lens to take close-range photographs. In the meantime, the knob on top lets you browse through the carousel of options, including images and videos. This camera also supports TV output via HDMI cable.

What to look for when choosing a vlogging camera for kids

A. Video quality

Quality should be the top priority if you want to make money out of being a Youtuber. Do you want to create a channel for your kids? If so, give them the proper gear items, like a quality camera. Quality isn’t all about resolution, but also how sharp it can produce photos and videos or how much it deals with challenging shooting conditions.

B. Battery life

This is another important concern because battery life dictates how much you can use a camera in one go before recharging. Some manufacturers are so generous that they pack 2 batteries for one camera. Basically, you always have a backup battery when one runs low or is completely down.

C. Remote controls

Some cameras push things a bit further with technology by including a remote control. This comes in handy when you have nobody by your side to be an operator but want to take a self-portrait from a distance. A remote control can be your personal helper in this scenario.

D. Weight

For an adult, weight probably doesn’t really matter because most of us can carry a heavy camera. But kids are yet to have the strength to hold a chunky camera steady, let alone for a long period of time. To overcome this issue, give them something they can use comfortably without causing early hand fatigue.

E. Affordable

Everyone’s perspective of what is cheap or expensive is different. Some would say that a $300 camera is expensive, while others think it’s a reasonable price. Well, you can have your own opinion on what you consider affordable. One thing is for sure: a good vlogging camera doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You just need to do some research to find a product that offers the right balance between price and quality.


How to test a camera before you buy it?

If you buy it at a retailer, they’ll probably let you test out the camera. But this option is pretty much nonexistent in online shopping. Your best bet is to read reviews because they’re written by consumers who have bought and used the same product. A camera with a stellar user rating is more likely to satisfy you than one with a poor rating.

What camera do beginner Youtubers use?

We’ve compiled this list to help you pick the best camera for your vlogging venture with your child. If you’re a beginner, an affordable one is probably more realistic for your budget, but we think it’s a good idea to spend more on quality equipment.

What is a good camera for an 8 year old?

In terms of ease of use, the Nikon COOLPIX W150 is very appealing because it’s so straightforward. This camera was developed with beginners in mind, but other products in this rundown make awesome substitutes, too.


What camera do kid YouTubers use? The ones included in this review are just a fraction of all the cameras you can use for vlogging. They all vary in features and tech, but although all these are important, you’ll need to shop within your budget. Don’t forget to check the price tag before buying one. A cheap camera is probably not the best option if you want to leave a lasting impression on your viewers. The disparity in video quality between a cheap and a costly camera can be quite discernible. Therefore, investing in a decent camera will benefit you in the long run.

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