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The Best Instant Cameras for Kids: Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

Many parents don’t want their kids to have a smartphone at a young age. That’s a wise decision because too much screen time can negatively affect their development. Besides, it also keeps them from doing productive activities.

Your child can still have fun with something else, like an instant camera. If you want to teach them the basics of digital photography, buying one of the best instant cameras for kids below is a good idea.

Best Instant Cameras for Kids

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera – Ice White

The brand alone is a telltale sign that this product will deliver. As one of the leading manufacturers, products from Fujifilm push quality to the forefront. This one is fairly competitive price-wise, and it sports a slim body, which helps for easy carrying. It packs a handful of features, one of which is automatic exposure. It alleviates technical issues regarding finding the correct exposure.

What it does is set an optimum shutter speed to achieve better quality and vibrancy in the captured image. There’s also a 1-touch selfie mode to help with taking fantastic selfies. All you have to do is bring the camera to the point of selfie mode. Another interesting feature is shutter accessories. They’ll spruce up the camera’s appearance. Speaking of the design, this camera comes in a funky mix of colors. Please visit the product page to view them all.

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2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, Lime Green

Send your little one over the moon with this gorgeous instant camera. It’s not just designed for kids, but also for those who need a point-and-shoot camera that doesn’t demand much technical expertise. It can snap pics measuring 2.4 x 1.8 inches. It also packs an enhanced macro lens adapter, which works reasonably well for close-up shots between 35 and 50 cm.

This unit really takes my photography experience to the next level with its automatic exposure. It senses the atmospheric brightness in the environment and then sets an optimal aperture setting. This way, you can produce premium-quality photo prints. Furthermore, it boasts high-key mode, which is necessary for capturing well-lit images and adding a soft touch to them when the background is slightly overexposed. This camera can achieve a shutter speed of 1/60 sec, which is decent enough for removing motion blur.

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3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera (Brown)

This Instax variant has a heftier price tag. But as with the previous models, the Mini 90 also offers auto exposure to analyze the external lighting conditions before making necessary changes to the shutter and flash. This feature is imperative for taking a photograph with a balanced composition. The camera utilizes a lens with a focal length of 60mm.

There’s another compelling add-on called “double exposure mode,” where two images are fused into one paper sheet. To activate it, just hit the shutter two times. The bulb mode is equally fun to use. This keeps the shutter open as you push down the shutter button for a duration of up to 10 seconds. Meanwhile, macro mode is ideal for bringing close objects into focus. The lens can accurately focus even when it moves 30 to 60 cm closer to the target. As for the picture size, each print has dimensions of 62 mm x 46 mm, while the film size measures 86 mm x 54 mm.

4. Instant Print Camera for Kids with Paper Film, 3-12 Years Old

Kids make sense of their surroundings through vision, so this adorable camera will easily grab their attention. Apart from the cute theme, this device uses thermal printing technology to transfer images onto paper in color or black-and-white. Each purchase comes with 3 print paper rolls, which can generate about 150 pics in total. The camera can take detailed shots with its 12MP sensor.

What’s more, it can shoot videos in 1080p HD resolution. With this, your kid can preserve memories of them growing up. Photos can be printed quickly on 5.5 x 8cm paper sheets. Don’t be fooled by the endearing design. It’s not a toy but a functional camera with filters and a myriad of patterns and frames. And it lets you switch between 14 languages. Overall, this product is a beast as far as photography is concerned. It has much more to offer, though, like a built-in mic, continuous shooting mode, and expandable storage of up to 32GB.

5. Joytrip Kids Instant Print Camera, 2.4” HD LCD, with Thermal Printing Paper

Many instant cameras for kids have pop-up colors. This one is on the softer side, but despite the understated appearance, it brags a reassuring set of features. Let’s start with the 2.4-inch 1080p display, which provides a broad view. It also features cutting-edge Zero Ink Technology for instant paper loading and printing full-color images without the need for toners.

The dye is premium quality and doesn’t irritate the skin. Meanwhile, the thermal paper sheets included in the package are sufficient for creating over 150 photographs. There’s also a lanyard to keep the device within reach at all times. Just let it hang around your neck. It will be safe and accessible anytime you need it. Other than that, the camera also flaunts a dual-camera system, a timer, and automatic shut down.

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6. INKPOT Instant Print Camera for Kids, Zero Ink, 1080p, 12MP, 32GB Card

An instant camera is a perfect introduction to photography because it’s designed to print straight away. This product doesn’t cost a fortune, so you won’t feel upset if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Well, if you know what to expect from a polaroid camera, this won’t disappoint. It snaps pictures and develops them within seconds. It also has the capability of recording 1080p videos.

While there’s not much creative control over how an image appears, your kid can still get creative because the unit includes 3 paper rolls for taking hundreds of shots. Another special feature is the 180-degree swivel mechanism. This allows for photographing the front and rear views. All captured images are displayed on its 2.4-inch screen. This specification is respectable for the price, not to mention that it’s also jam-packed with settings like screen saver and photo delay. As the title suggests, each package offers a 32GB Micro SD card bundle.

7. USHINING Kids Instant Print Camera with 3 Rolls Print Paper (Blue)

One thing you’d notice about kids’ instant cameras is that they often come in an array of colors, just like this one. It may not have the power and versatility of a regular mirrorless camera, but if you’re more concerned about retro aesthetics, this is terrific. This USHINING product doesn’t have a bulky design, so kids can carry it around to snap up fleeting moments without experiencing fatigue.

Most of the features are comparable to other instant cameras in its price range, like 1080p videos, a 12MP sensor, and free print paper rolls. It’s just the screen is slightly on the smaller side; it’s a 2.0-inch IPS display. But everything else is fine. It has a comprehensive suite of features, such as burst recording, 20 frames, 5 filters, special effects, and auto power off. These will push the boundaries of their imagination. How long does the battery last? The 1000 mAh capacity can give a whopping 3 hours of use.

8. WQ WiFi Instant Print Camera with 32GB Memory Card, Dual Lens, Print Paper

The cute animal design of this camera would appeal to most kids. There are no intricate controls to fiddle with because it’s designed for straightforward point-and-shoot functionality. The thermal print technology takes a picture as soon as you hit the shutter button. It also offers a host of features to elevate your photography game, including continuous shooting and dual lenses.

Additionally, it supports Wi-Fi connectivity. There are a lot of customizations you can do through the recommended app. As for storage, a 32GB TF card is handed out for free with each purchase. You can save hundreds of images with it. The dual-camera setup also comes in handy for broader coverage from the front and rear views. Lastly, you’ll benefit from the self-timer mode as it gives extra time to compose a picture.

9. Barchrons WiFi Instant Print Digital Kids Camera, 1080P, Rechargeable

Finding a near-equivalent of an Instax camera is not easy, but price can give a clear indication of a product’s value. This one is quite competitive, even if it’s from a brand you don’t know much about. It comes in at $69.99, which is on par with other entry-level offerings. Your child will be overwhelmed by the deluge of features. There’s a lot they can try out, such as loop shooting, time-lapse recording, and note printing. It also has built-in WiFi. Just connect to a network to make use of this feature.

On a different note, the manufacturer really cares about the user’s visual health. It applies IPS eye protection on the 2.4-inch display for improved shielding during use. Aside from the camera unit, the package also includes a 32GB SD card (storage for over 2,000 photos), 3 paper print rolls, and a lanyard for better portability. The 800 mAh battery is also sufficient to handle the workload. It can churn out about 1,500 photos.

10. FTXOAM 1080P Instant Digital Camera with Colored Pens, Print Paper

This makes a perfect gift to channel your child’s creative energy. It has an eye-catching design and a 2-inch HD vibrant display. The unit is wrapped in non-toxic silicone that provides a good amount of grip. And it’s lavished with photography features, such as 26MP resolution, 10-degree magnification, HD video recording, burst shooting, and time lapse for setting a countdown for still images.

Not only that, it also gives room for your kid to hone their editing skills thanks to the inclusion of 6 color filters and 35 attractive frames. Each photo can be printed repeatedly, meaning that you can have endless copies of one photo. There’s also a 1000maAh battery inside to keep the device up and running for several hours, and a 32GB memory card for additional storage.

What to look for when purchasing a Polaroid camera for a child

1. Image size

Every instant camera has specific dimensions that ultimately affect the print paper size. Therefore, you must find this information in the product listing before placing an order. Some cameras use larger paper, while others work with smaller sheets.

2. Brand

It’s true that a brand is a reflection of quality. If you don’t want to buy a camera that may risk disappointment, buying from a reputable brand like Polaroid or Fujifilm is your best bet. That being said, this is not the sole indicator of value. Reviews also matter since they represent buyers’ perception of a product.

3. Additional features

Filters, frames, and special effects are some of the added functionalities an instant camera can have. Of course, these add-ons are different from one product to another. Just scan through the listing to find out what extra customizations a product has to offer as they can nurture your kid’s creative aptitude.

Is a Polaroid camera good for kids?

Polaroid cameras are known for their vintage feel and easy setup. Is your child just starting to learn about photography? If so, it’s definitely a valuable gift to give because it’s very straightforward in use. There’s no need to switch up lenses or go through an intricate setup process. These cameras can snap good photos, though the quality doesn’t come close to those made for professional photography.

What age are Polaroid cameras for?

Anyone aged 3 or up can use a Polaroid camera. As a general rule, as long as a kid is old enough to understand how to use this instant camera and tinker with the settings, they should qualify to use this portable device. People love Polaroid cameras because they have a strong vintage charm. Photos ejected from these optical instruments have interesting retro aesthetics. Another reason why they hit the mainstream is because we can get a hardcopy seconds or minutes after a photo is taken.

What is the highest rated instant camera?

The Polaroid Now+ is definitely up there with other flagships. By the way, Polaroid is a brand of instant camera. If people use both interchangeably, that just goes to show the impact this brand has had on photography. The Now+ boasts stellar image quality, fascinating functions, and the ability to create full-size prints. Some offerings from Fujifilm, especially the Instax series, are also worth considering, like the Instax Mini 11 and Mini 90.

The best polaroid camera for kids conclusion

An instant camera is a great tool to teach your kids the wonders of photography. They can print a photo just minutes after it’s captured because all the necessary components to self-develop are contained inside the housing.

If you’re curious about the best instant cameras for kids, our top picks are in this article. Please read the review so that you can find one that thrills you the most in terms of performance and quality.

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