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Kid Youtube Equipment: What Kind of Equipment Do Youtubers Use?

Camera advancements have made it much simpler to record high-quality cinematic film. The visual quality of videos uploaded to YouTube is increasing, as is plain to see.

But a camera is not the only thing that matters in video production. A tripod is only one example of additional equipment that enhances the overall quality.

With the use of tripods, photographers have been able to create breathtaking still life compositions. And because they can steady the camera, any shakiness in the footage will be eliminated.

My son wants to be a youtuber what equipment does he need?

Well, if you are one of the fortunate parents whose children want to become YouTube broadcasters, then this article is for you.

We’re going to touch on these devices along with other kid YouTube equipment in this article, so please stay tuned.

Kid Youtube Equipment (for Children and Teen)

1. Smartphone or Camera

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A recording device should be the first item on your shopping list because it is one of the most crucial vlogging supplies. There are several options, but they can be divided into two major categories: smartphones and digital cameras. Smartphones now have incredible camera technology. You can even use it as a standalone recording device if it is a flagship model from a reputable brand. Smartphones have the added benefit of being user-friendly, in addition to having exceptional video capabilities. Kids are introduced to these devices at a young age, so even the mainstay offerings from leading vendors should be easy for them to learn.

Can it replace a real video camera or camcorder? They are technically interchangeable, but there are differences that make them irreplaceable. Smartphones win hands down in terms of convenience because they are much lighter and have a larger display. Furthermore, they include advanced features such as Hybrid Image Stabilization and a multi-camera setup for excellent filmmaking. At the same time, digital cameras have a distinct form factor, as well as a full set of direct controls and interchangeable lenses.

All of this makes it difficult to prefer smartphones over them because the latter are primarily used for photo and video production. Unlike smartphones, which must divide RAM among multiple processes and applications, their internal resources are fully allocated to both tasks. You have complete control over the final decision. If you’re looking for a good compromise between quality and portability, an action camera is a good option. These small devices can be mounted, worn, and are especially durable for outdoor adventures.

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2. Tripod

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As its name implies, a tripod is a support designed to steady a camera. In order to avoid blurry footage when filming without the assistance of an operator, a tripod is essential.

It can also be used for time lapse recording, which, by slowing the frame rate, gives the impression that an event is happening quickly. Using a tripod for YouTube vlogging is recommended for a number of reasons, including the need to support the camera’s weight.

DSLR cameras, for example, are notorious for their bulkiness. Children have a lot of trouble with this, therefore a tripod can help them out by relieving some of the strain. Even when using a large camera with a long lens, they can still capture high-quality video.

There are smartphone-specific tripod variants; when using one, focus on the quick-release plate. The ideal lever lock allows for quick assembly and strong hold.

3. Microphone

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Choose a microphone based on your vlogging needs. If you want to start a podcast on Youtube, a condenser mic is an appropriate choice. A dynamic microphone can also be an alternative.

For the record, condenser mics are heavily used in recording studios due to their impeccable sensitivity. They’re capable of picking up the most delicate sounds.

But for a podcast, you’d need a quiet environment so that the mic can deliver its full potential. Otherwise, the recording will be full of ambient noise. Because they are more effective at dampening background noise, dynamic microphones are more reliable for outdoor use.

Condenser mics come in different types, like lavalier mics that clip onto the collar and often have an omnidirectional pattern or shotgun mics that have a great signal-to-noise ratio and can be mounted on top of a camera or a boom.

You might also think about using a wireless microphone. Most of these models work in the 2.4GHz range and come with a remote trigger that you can use from a distance. If you are not familiar with microphone types, you can learn about the different kinds of microphones here.

4. Headphone

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Headphones are situational, meaning that they could be crucial depending on where you shoot videos. They are clearly necessary for a podcast to be worn by the interviewer and the respondents.

What about a dynamic vlog that involves plenty of shooting outdoors? Well, you’ll still need a pair for editing. The built-in laptop speaker is likely not up to par as it doesn’t reproduce sound with high fidelity.

A headset is way better in this scenario because it can cover a broader range of frequencies. Not only that, it also delivers a high level of sound restoration with little distortion.

For the ultimate listening experience, choose headphones from a trustworthy brand. You shouldn’t mind splashing out a bit to hear all the subtle details in the raw video footage.

On top of that, you can expect a top-of-the-line product to have high-end features like active noise cancellation for a more immersive audio experience.

5. Gimbal

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Taking a smooth video can be difficult without a stabilization system to absorb rapid shocks and vibrations during the panning of a camera. This technology works like a charm to keep subjects blur-free.

Together with a gimbal, you can produce very sharp shots because they cancel out virtually any slight shake.

A gimbal has a clamp to secure your smartphone in place. It’s also developed with a smart algorithm to identify movement and balance the footage on different axes.

In general, these devices are classified into 2-axis and 3-axis models. 3-axis gimbals are more stable than 2-axis ones because they stabilize on three axes at the same time. If you want to record in a vertical orientation, a 2-axis gimbal would get the job done.

Compared to the two, 3-axis models are the clear winner as they offer unparalleled freedom. They rotate and tilt continuously to follow the smartphone’s movement. Even if you give them a jiggle, they will maintain smooth footage.

6. Selfie Stick

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A selfie stick is an important accessory if you snap pictures with your smartphone a lot. It can be extended to lengthen the pole or folded out to form a tripod.

For those wondering if it can replace a gimbal, no, they don’t serve the same purpose.

A gimbal is, at its core, a stabilizer, which helps you capture footage with minimal blur. Meanwhile, a selfie stick is for taking photos beyond your arm’s reach so that you can fit more scenes in the frame.

Selfie sticks are collapsible, and some can transform into tripods thanks to the built-in extension legs. They also pack a remote control that you can use to snap pictures from a distance when there’s no operator behind the camera.

A selfie stick does provide some balance for a smartphone when it’s fixed in its holder, but it’s not made with a robust anti-shake function.

Because of this, you need both if you want to make a good investment in videography, unless one can copy the other’s stabilization performance by using a single-axis brushless motor or some other new technology.

7. Lighting

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Lighting is a must-have for any vlogging setup, but your choice should be based on your vlogging habits.

If you’re out and about filming videos, choose a light that’s portable, such as a ring light. It provides enough light to illuminate your face and the surrounding area.

However, if you make a daily vlog in the same location or room, a lighting setup that includes an umbrella can add a dramatic touch to your videos.

Overall, the concept of ideal lighting differs between YouTubers, so simply select a product that matches your preferences.

8. Editing Software

Editing software

Editing can be the most time-consuming part, especially if you take pride in providing high-quality service. The next logical step is to invest in paid software.

While free alternatives exist, they are frequently limited in features and protected by watermarks, which can devalue your brand.

Another advantage of using a premium editing program is the availability of after-sales support. Instead of searching the internet for a solution, you can save time by contacting customer service for assistance.

Aside from that, many premium programs include regular updates to patch security flaws and improve overall performance.

What is the most effective editing software?

There are numerous options, including Lightworks, Shotcut, iMovie, and others. Some of them may be too difficult for your child to use because they require a lot of discipline and studying. In that case, you can take over the editing and simply let them have fun with their camera.

How do you create a successful Youtube channel for kids?

1. Sign up for an account

As long as your child is at least 13 years old, they can sign up for an account (with your authorization if they are still under 17).

If your child isn’t between these ages, they won’t be able to use the service.

But don’t worry, you can still create a channel for yourself and include them in the content, as many parents have.

2. Establish the channel

Assume your child is of legal age and has created an account. Log in to YouTube, click on the profile image, and then select the “Create a Channel” option.

Now, we suggest make use of an alias when naming their YouTube channel so that their true identity can remain concealed.

And you can still use the parental controls to keep an eye on the channel.

3. Put some thought into the content

Decide which path you want to take with the channel. Is it going to be about toy reviews, cooking, or a collection of random uploads?

If you want to cater to a specific niche, you should create a channel dedicated to that audience.

Furthermore, when your viewers and subscribers have similar interests, it is easier to build loyalty.

4. Purchase the necessary supplies and start recording

Use the production resources we discussed here as a jumping off point for your own creative endeavors.

Once you have everything, it’s time to gather raw clips and use editing software to splice them together to make a movie, which you can then upload to YouTube.

What do kids Vlog with?

There are many kind of cameras that children use to create vlogs. Some toy cameras are even capable of recording. They’re not bad, but they’re probably not up to par for those seeking perfection or high quality.

However, price can be an indicator of a product’s worth. If you’re looking for more affordable options, consider SEREE, Vmotal, and Kimire. While they may sound unfamiliar, these suppliers offer products for less than $100.

Do you want one from a well-known brand? Well, there are high-end options like the Panasonic Lumix G100, Fujifilm X-S10.

Is it ok for kids to make Youtube videos?

Yes, but if they are too young, their parents must be involved in content management. As previously stated, a child must be at least 13 years old to be eligible for an account that they can manage themselves.

Those under the age of 17 would require parental permission to create one. Speaking of advantages, there’s no denying that having a YouTube channel has numerous advantages.

Aside from the opportunity to generate a sustainable revenue stream, it’s also a fun creative outlet for kids to let their imagination run wild.

Wrap Up: Youtube Equipment for Children

Making a YouTube channel is new territory for some people who have never considered venturing into it before. Scrolling through YouTube videos is one thing; being the star of your own channel is quite another.

You can even bring your kids along to take part. However, there are rules that govern how minors use the service.

Kids under 13 aren’t allowed to have a channel, but kids 13 to 17 can set up an account with parental supervision.

We think this could be a good thing for your child to do, but they’ll still need help setting up their YouTube channel, from choosing kid-friendly equipment to finding the right niche.

So, don’t launch too quickly without proper planning. Take your time, plan everything carefully with your children, and have fun as a YouTube creator.

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